Voices snarling, guttural and ugly
I feel the challenge rise
Calling in anger, for blood
But too weak, obliterated by stronger hate
Fear courses through me
Thinly masking my wrath at injustice
Forgiveness is for angels
I am a daemon

Scars cover the remnants of my soul
Memories from fights
Too low to ignore
In preparation for a much bigger fight
A more precious prey
Humans can heal
What is destroyed, by them or not
I am a daemon

Tearing my way through
Enticing others to spill their secrets
Their soul over to me
Perfection to its finest
No one the wiser of a smile
Except a few
The ones who know
I am a daemon  

They do not hunt
You can’t hurt a daemon
In constant pain
No, a harsher fate is in store
They tell me, I can be human
Which makes it so much worse
Since I chose
I am a daemon


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