Daddy's Princess

I am daddy’s little princess. But not really.

Hide & Seek was my favorite game.

Kisses healed my ouchies.

Lullabies rocked me to bed.

Mommy braided my hair.

Daddy made breakfast every weekend.

Barbies filled my living room.

But that’s not me anymore.

I’ve grown.

Volleyball is my favorite game.

Kisses are now just a kind gesture.

I rock my little cousin to bed with lullabies.

I’ve learned to style my hair.

Daddy works on the weekends.

Playing dress up with barbies is a thing of the past.

This is me. Now.

I’ve grown.

New friendships, new experiences fill my life.

First date, First drive through town, First prom, First day at work.

I’ve been busy.

I wish I had known that growing up is the hardest thing I’ve had to do.

I am still daddy’s princess, just not little.

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