Daddy's Little Girl

My Daddy will always be my king,

Even after my Prince gives me a ring.

In the beginning, he was my favorite toy,

He didn’t even mind I wasn’t a boy.

He made me laugh; he made me giggle,

He made me smile; he made me wiggle.

Wherever he went, I was sure to follow,

Why? Because he was like the great god, Apollo.

To me, he knew how to do everything,

From making me happy, to making me sing.

So, his little silly shadow I became,

Imitating him was a wonderful game.

Gradually, he went from toy to teacher,

To him I accredit my greatest, best features.

He taught me hard work, commitment, dedication,

He taught me determination and even some multiplication.

He was my coach when I picked up my first basketball,

I wanted to play even though I was just 3 feet tall.

He showed me how to dribble, how to shoot, how to pass,

He drove me and encouraged me until I ran out of gas.

He showed me how to push, to block, to shove,

And, how to be the best at the sport I love.

After awhile, he moved up into the stands,

And became one of my best and biggest fans.

He did his best to protect me from harm and great danger,

Which included all boys and any kind of stranger.

For 17 years, my Daddy has done everything for me,

His unending love and devotion I wish you could see.

 My Daddy and I are truly inseparable,

His willingness to sacrifice is truly incredible.

Always ready to help me and catch me when I fall,

And pick up my spirits and every phone call.

To me, he is not just my Daddy, but my everything,

He is infallible; as perfect as flowers in the Spring.

He was my toy, my teacher, and my coach,

My biggest fan; someone I could always approach.

But, now I am older and soon ready to leave, 

In me, he will always support and believe.

Although I will be gone and on my own for awhile,

Someday I hope and dream he will walk me down the aisle.

But, now off to college, as I pack and go,

There is one thing I hope he will always know.

How special and important he is to me,

My protector, my hero he will always be.

He is my heart’s treasure, like a beautiful pearl,

I am always and will forever be, my Daddy’s Little Girl.


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