Daddy Why?

Why now?
Right when life is suppose to be beautiful
Why now?
When i'm trying to get over the pain
Why now?
Once i'm old enough to understand all things in vain
Why come into my life now
You know it's hard for me
Building me up then tearing me back down
You know how bad I wanted that life
So you took it away from me
and still I only blame myself

My expectations weren't valid
I always hoped it would all come back together 
but not all storybooks have happy endings
You were suppose to be there to teach me how to fight my demons
But in all of reality you were the only demon I've been fighting 

Why'd you leave me?
Now, every good thing that comes my way 
I run away from the possibilty of an happy ending
I never believed in happy endings because of you

I can't take in the fact that we walk by each other
but nothingless we became strangers
I just wanted to know if you knew I existed

I will never be daddy's girl.



This poem is about: 
My family


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