Daddy Dearest

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 20:48 -- corny96


Daddy, don't call Mommy that. Miss Karen told me that's a bad word.

Daddy, I've got all my things packed, and so does Mommy. Aren't you gonna pack too?

Daddy, my house is so nice. Did you know some houses can't be pulled by a truck? This one stays in place.

Silly Daddy, I turned ten a couple months ago.

Daddy, look at your arm. Did you get shots?

Daddy, you sure like to sleep a lot. I like to nap too.

Daddy, you're skinnier than last time I visited.

Daddy, since you're drunk and won't remember this tomorrow... I came close to cutting yesterday.

Daddy, I don't think I can keep living; but once you're sober, I'll play the part of perfect daughter.

Daddy, guess what I heard! I heard that I'm special, and my life matters.

Daddy, I made friends today. High school is going to be great!

Daddy, I know you don't have a car, but maybe you could get a ride to my choir concert next week.

It's ok, Daddy. I know you were busy.

Daddy, senior year is the best! Do you ever wish you'd had one?

Daddy, I got a scholarship to Harvard. Please, don't drink to me. I don't want that responsibility. 

Thank you, Daddy. You taught me what not to be. I'd say I owe my success to you, but really, I owe it to me.


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