Father , where have you been ?

Allegedly , the plane burst into flames.

You know , that’s been thirty five years.

They say it went down in Veracruz ?

Three months and four bribes later.......

Ashes from Mexico??

A six by six box , that was all.

I couldn’t grasp it , I recall.

The Coast Guard Cutter ... 

Grey day on Monterey Bay.....

Moisture sneaking through my collar.

Regret , loose ends ... this wasn’t closure.

Things had been right ..:

At least earlier in life.

So wrong before you flamed out.

Was hoping that possibly ......

One day we’d work it on out.

Angry with you ...

Ashamed with me ....

Unspoken secrets ....

I knew ..

You knew....

Dude you  don’t even have a grave.

You still cover all my world.

You enter my dreams....

Dad why can’t you make any sense?

In death there’s no compass.

Its like you’re still alive .



This poem is about: 
My family


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