The Cypress Man

Her exceptional beauty; astonished many

Her graceful elegance; pleased the elders

Tall, strong she stood

Encouraging nature to flourish within

Streams and across valleys

Her limbs stretched high into the Great Blue

Her trunk; sturdy and broad

Sketched with engravings of her past

Telling her story from her roots to the stem of her leaves

Given birth by Mother Earth

Taught by Father Sky

She was enriched with depth of knowledge

Not to be fooled by tricksters of Royalty 

So she strived; prospering among these lands

Unlike her, the Great Cypress, a man emerged with curiosity

Humble and honest, his life was well lived

Adapting to the possiblities of these sacred lands

Never cold, nor distraught

He was marked to lead; foresighted by his future

Empowered by his duties

He journeyed into the gloomy wilderness

Unknown to the Majesty's presence

Unknown to all natural life

Winding through the bedded trees of the Majesty's forest

She caught his eye

Stumbling over he roots; he reached her

Her roots were stretched to long distances and sinking into the river's depths

Stretched like the growing rivers along these lands 

He was amazed by her posture

Inspired by her breath-taking beauty

He settled there; living with this tree and his family

As his life's journeyed to an end

He wrote to her:

"And so shall you, my Majesty, will forever live

My descendants will be your bees

And you shall be their hive

Giving you grace, love and hope

I leave my life onto you to hold

So my people will have a story

And you will forever live our glory."

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