A Cycle that Will be Broken

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 07:57 -- polomw

He's using his peer influences to abuse the chances that he was given

Life lessons run through his head you can tell he's feeling resentment

Aggravating headaches he seems to neglect propriety

Stuck in a cell, he lives in hell, another black boy from society


You expect a boy to escape an environment when there's no positive influence in his life

He grew up thinking about killing men, doing drugs, and having sex with women who aren't his wife


He's property to a system that's controlled by the white man

Similar to his ancestors who were bought and controlled by the white man

So now he grows up and only has one feeling for the white man...


That's hatred

Stemmed from a household that hates him


His innocence and his childhood has been taken away from him ever since his older brother offered him weed

Because after that first puff he felt the feeling of greed

Too young to have a real job, so he goes gets his weed, sells it, brings it back to his boss and gets his cut

And he likes the feeling of having his own money because now he get's the girls with the big butts


Maybe if he went to school he'd understand girls looked more for chemistry than anatomy

But since he's caught up in what he hears in rap songs, he'd say that's blasphemy


I guess it doesn't help that he goes to a school that is built to destroy him

Where the teachers have no hope, the students have no hope

And the policeman at the school's only hope is that they slip up and make a mistake

So they can have the pleasure of taking yet another one to a place where freedom seems fake


Now as he ages he starts to understand his mother's neglect

This being after he's already ended up in jail and had time to reflect


He now realizes that this is all just a cycle

Where there's no hope to begin with and jail time to which he's entitled


But let's say he gets out of jail early and can now start life "new"

Raising his child in a household with both parents seems like one of the few


But this cycle doesn't miraculously end here


You can tell his son is using his peer influences to abuse the chances that he was given

Life lessons run through his head, you can tell he's feeling resentment

Aggravating headaches he seems to neglect propriety 

Stuck in a cell, he lives in hell another black boy from society


This man now thinks his negative past is gone

Yet it comes back to haunt him as if it were telling him he's wrong

So now he hits his wife and son because that is how he was raised 

To the point where his son walks into school with blue and black all over his face


Now this is the man who is screaming "I hate the government" and "we need change"

He screams "revolution" but to me this is strange


Think about it


He hides his pain believing that he's truly fine

Say he takes the government down rises to power in no time

Says there's a problem with the old government that he plans to fix 

But as life continues it seems like the whole thing was just a trick


He's as corrupt as the man before him and this is what power will do

His wife told him, "before you try to change everything else, you need to figure out how to change you"


His son is just a young boy from the hood with the facade for the ages, 

he knows the king pin around the corner, they're on a first-name basis

He puts his face on backward to dodge two types of men

The one's with the white skin, a gun, and who kill when they "don't intend"

And the type who got the black skin, a gun, and kill again and again


However, no matter how hard they try, it seems like the cycle will continue its rotation

They'll keep the same attitude, same actions and stay in the same exact location

And if his son is lucky enough to have a son of his own 


The man knows that he will use his peer influences to abuse the chances that he was given

Life lessons will run through his head you'll tell he's feeling resentment 

Aggravating headaches he'll seem to neglect propriety

Stuck in a cell he'll live in hell ANOTHER black boy from society


The only way we can see change, is if these individuals fix their personal issues.

As a community we should instil hope in young boys and girls.

Give them dreams and aspirations to look up to. 

Build relationships, give them opportunities, and let them see who they can truly become.

Look at the cycle they're in as a block of stone, and see it as our job to chisel away at the stone to createa future that we will be proud of.

To see change we need to break the cycle. 


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Our world


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