The Cycle of Trust

It is like swallowing a rock. swallowing a facade of life wrapped up like a neat present. 


To a twelve-year old child, the idea of trust is only skimmed from the surface. The idea morphs into something more when the surface is penetrated, trust has been broken. The two most loving symbols in her life, her parents, have been torn apart, the bridge of security has been destroyed. Why? Because a third party member decided to ruin the picture-perfect family. 


To a sixteen-year old child, the idea of love seems to fade in the background, the shimmering sparkles of a romantic bond are coated in dust from being abandoned on a shelf.


To an eighteen-year old, it takes lighting a latern to adventure through the dark tunnels of undiscovered territory-trust. It takes patience, understanding, communication. Sometimes, talking to the walls of the labrinth only result in an incoherent echo, but other times, there is a clear response. 


To an adult, the plight that grew on the memories of the past, clears up. Nuturing the future idea of trust is growing stronger. It took years of practice to perfect. Now it is time to apply this taught logic to an individual, someone to put trust into. 




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