Cybil pushed through the parlour egress

She did not like to think what lay beyond the recess

For her imagination raged and galloped

And thought up all manner of horrible things

Orpha the mutt skittered in beside her

As black as night and as quiet as a spider

They peaked into the room peering at the books and crannies

She knew that's where the monsters his it was uncanny

They mocked her and orpha in the dark

A giant spider threatened there life spark

Horrible slopping creatures writhed around their feet

Causing her to scuttle and squeak

Orpha bared her teeth at the ghouls and brutes

They tried to leave with their chocolate loot

The ghosts howled and harried 

They fought and pareied

In the commotion they managed to escape 

They fled with their snack rattling on a plate 

They ran and ran till they reached their hidey hole 

Where they felt safe enough to eat

They wrapped their blanket around them all neat 

And tried to still their shivering feet

Safe and sound in there little hidden corner 

An invisible force field of candle light 

Scaring off the beasties might 

Quiet and snuggled in together

They drifted into the nether.


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