A Cutter's Last Thoughts


I pick up a gleaming blade
A blade that calls out to me
It coos to me sweetly
And it needs me again today
I lift it up to eye level
And see inside what I want
I see what I have got
And I know this is my devil

I slide it slowly across my wrist
Knowing I am giving in again
I watch the blood well and grin
To make it flow I clench my fist
I then realize how bad it is
I try my best to stop the blood
But it just continues to come
I will die and I didn’t mean it

I slowly sink to the floor
Holding my bleeding wrist
The death that I forever wished
As my mom walks through the door
She comes to me to help
Be she is already too late
I am finally slipping away
And no one will know how I felt


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