Decoration across my body. 
Just one at a time, 
Just one thin read line. 
​The irresistible urge. 
​Adding more and more, 
​Giving into the blade's lure. 
Consumed with twisted pleasure.
The slow trickle of crimson, 
Deeper, I summon. 

Screams of lust crying out. 
Thin lines pool around me. 
Crass desire mounts, 
But I'm exactly where you want me to be. 
Tearing myself apart. 
Shred my flesh one gash at a time. 
Just one at a time, 
Just one thin red line.
My aspirations profoundly vivid. 
My ultimate resolution becoming clear. 
Find me cold and livid. 
You really thought you'd keep me here? 
Wicked, self-loathing ravaged by penitence. 
Incessant attempts to decimate this thirst. 
Self-serving indulgence be my only sentiments. 
My mutilative frenzy at its worst. 
Just one at a time, 
Just one thin red line.


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