Cut Out My Tongue

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 00:20 -- cnc424


Imagine losing your voice,

To most it doesnt seem like a big deal,

But it effects my life in every choice, 

Down to where I get my meal.


The track star that loses their leg, 

Now that's something one can understand, 

Something tangable and touchable is gone, 

And only sympthy is left to hold their hand. 


The old woman losing her memory, 

Altimers can be tough, 

The loved one is slowly disappearing, 

Relations built over time gone with a puff. 


So when one thinks of losing their voice, 

There is so much more for them to lose, 

If only I could yell to tell them how wrong they are,

If I could, this isn't what I would choose.


Unable to scream in an emergancy,

The knowledge I can't share, 

To keep good news to myself, 

This hardly seems fair. 


To cut out my tounge is worse than losing every memory,

At least then I dont know what I am missing. 

Its worse than losing a leg, 

To lose my voice, Well that's dehumanizing, 


Our voice is what makes us unique, 

Sets us apart from animals,

It's our livelyhood, 

So be proud of your voice.



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