Curves Mean a lot to Me because it means a lot to him


United States
40° 50' 38.9004" N, 73° 53' 51.9684" W

Dressed ready to leave,
Black skirt and black leggings,
I'm dressed for him, I want him to see me,
I'm wearing a sliver necklace and small sliver earrings,
I'm ready to impress you, not deceive you
I warned you I'm be yours
No matter what it takes,
I'll hold you close
Don't think I'm rude, cause I'm not
I could fit, look, look, I'm skinny
Don't like what you see??
Please, after all I did..
No response, why??
I lost 60 pounds
look, look, I'm a model.
I'm beautiful, I'm finally legit
Perfect, huh?
I did several operations...
What you think about that??
Hold my hand, please don't be harsh...
I did it for us...
Isn't this good enough
The girls you saw on those magazines,
Really have nothing on me.


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