If we got caught we’d be so dead.

Everyone thinks we’re asleep in bed.

Our music is so loud,

We are the bad crowd.


The reckless kids your parents don’t want you around,

Middle of the night and we’re nowhere bound.

They warned you and so did we,

The troublemakers of the 21st century.


The wind hitting my face,

Haven’t we driven past this place?

Curfew was two hours ago,

And we’re anything but low.


Few people are on the road tonight.

Do we go left, or do we go right?

The teens are out, the night is our time.

Is past curfew a petty crime?



We’re driving fast, what road are we on?

I wonder if we’ll be home by dawn.

We aren’t headed to any party.

We’re just out when we shouldn’t be.


Should teens be out this late?

We have to be up for church by eight.  

We’ll be so wiped out tomorrow,

Curfew was three hours ago.


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