Standing in line,
Waiting to buy a cup of Love,
A bull, an elephant and a rhino collide,
Brah,brah,brah! Within stomach’s wall.

They were nine ahead,
Chattering happily, on cue to buy as well,
The tornado churned my inside dead,
Zap! Off to find the nearest means to this end.

Pra,pra,pra! Like a heavy downpour,
Watery paste rolled down potty pipe,
A calm shiver came through the brain store,
Teary eyes screamed through the toxic pile.

Phew! The flow stopped,
Back in line, I was now fourth,
A spider, an ant and a butterfly popped,
Kre,kre,kre! Twitching stomach’s fort.
From the loo I spied,
Like a driver without a license,
Wondering, did I alone know love as bile?
Bra,pa,pa! The sound broke the solitary silence.

Flash! The light bulb honked,
It’s true Love like crap may stink vile,
It is a reminder of life’s clock in the circle of life,
A cup of love may just save a heart so wall bonked.

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Our world
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