Crystal Water and Clear Skies..

Crystal Water and Clear skies...


Darling, is that you, with the diamonds in your eyes?   I see you swimming in the crystalline pool underfoot  when the grass stains your elbows,   where you put your dreams down to rest.  Golden tresses of honey and cream,   I used to eat them up with a gentle touch, in my caress.  I now wisp along the rigid edge,   where they once were set free.  Baby's Breath between your toes  leaning into the earth, are You not asking to be One   with the Sun and the Soil?  Darling, you have not lost the turmoil in your heart  when you dye yourself in Love, and embrace the wretched red,   outnumbering each glimmer that simmers on the water,   and trembling with the wind as it blows.   

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