Crystal View

Crystal View

Sometimes reality is twisted
And then the world doesn't turn,
I wake up from a dream
To a nightmare stuck on re-run.
I walk around in circles
With my head stuck in the sand,
Another day, another night
A little shaking of the hand.
Contemplation turned to sorrow
The light is dim and pale,
As comfy as my blanket
I cast into the thinking well.
The water is dark and deep
It is cold with bitter taste,
A candle vigil I will keep
Calling angles to my haste.
Whatever else I ponder
Whatever else I view,
My heart proceeds with wonder
As I'm searching for the truth.
I imagine that existence
Is in loving life or death,
To chase one or the other
Is all that there is left.
My bookcase now is empty
I turn the page to write something new,
Standing in a house of mirrors
Looking for a better view.
I need to break the image
I want to bust through,
There must be something real
Something built to last.
The fascination pulls me
I am standing on the line,
Keep losing my balance
And I am running out of time.
I could stay at the bottom
Scratch each day upon the wall,
My days would be few
On my face as I crawl.
I pray it never happens
That I have to fall so far,
That I must be on my back
Just to see the morning star.
Sometimes living is dying
And in between there is pain,
But I cannot start living
Until I'm out of the grave.
With my gaze on the heavens
Across the distance, far away.
The long road ahead
A dream of better days.
I just want to stand
At the top of the hill,
To look down in the valley
Where waters run still.
A feeling of sunlight
Soft on my face,
The love of another
A kind, warm embrace.
This is the dream
That fuels my desire,
It pushes me forward
And makes me climb higher.
No, I do not fear the falling
It happens all of the time,
As I follow my calling
I must keep on trying.

By :
Crystal Kay Floyd

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