Cry "Uncle"

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 01:31 -- J Cray


It could not be forgiven; it had to be a sin.

It didn’t matter if you were all alone

Or misunderstood.  Even if you were “out-of-the-zone,”

Or couldn’t escape the trouble you were in.

You were probably addicted, be it drugs, sex, or gin.

But an act like that I could never condone.

You would steal your opportunity to ever atone

For it all.  Did you think our loss was your win?

But how can I now believe that your fate was sealed,

After experiencing this pain that, before, I never knew?

My mind regrets all the wounds that were left unhealed,

But now I have to accept that there is just nothing I can do.

Yet how to shake the image of you in a field,

Lying there, breathing your last, with their pictures set all around you?


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