The cry of the people by: Leilani Crutchfield

Being part of America isn't a treat  

People still shoot us down, cuffs on our hands and our feet

People from different races fight all around us, 

cops caught in the middle 

The black man who went to the corner store, 

Shot! cause they mistaked a gun for skittles 

Nowadays you get pulled over for no reason,

Cops yelling "Get out the car!" 

Gun pointed at you like you committed a treason

Now the white people, I didn't forget you

Because I know that things can get rough for you too

I know you think that African American's blame you for our past 

But let me tell you, you guys have nothing to do with that

You guys our put in a society where u feel like everything is your fault

But you got it wrong

The cops. Oh the cops.

I know that sometimes we can come off disrespectful

Making it seem like you kill everyone by the color of our skin, 

Making you guys feel regrettful 

But we know as a whole that some of you guys are not the same 

But the fact that our loved ones are dropping like flies it's making us insane

There's one thing I want to ask. 

What is America doing?

What is the president doing?

The president himself, isn't keeping his word,

Disregarding our rights 

Refuse to put us first 

We as a nation, need to come together

Fight the storms, and get through this weather

I know that economy and this country can be lethal

But America needs to start listening

for the cry of the people. 






This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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