They smile as they remember how they met.
She laughs until her eyes are wet.
He can't help but look at her face,
A moment he would never erase.
He's staring at her and he starts to laugh too.
Her stomach aches with joy and the sky is blue.
The trees are swaying and leaves fall.
The road is quiet, with no other cars at all.
Silence fills their car and the world is still.
He leans in toward her and lets go of the wheel.
His lips crash against hers,
As the car flips and turns.
The driver's semi truck screeches to a halt.
“Oh this is all my fault.”
The boy and girl are suspended by their belts.
The man in the truck calls for help.
The boy can't help but look at her face.
A moment he could never erase.
Now his eyes are wet and his stomach aches.
She doesn't say a word. The doctor's too late.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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