Sat, 12/06/2014 - 22:50 -- Scawd

I sat with my hands trembling

The bell rang as  I sprung up from my seat a smile so wide that it made my heart leap

He stood there so perfect, that smile! oh my.

My feet wouldn't move, my brain couldn't function it was telling me to make a move

but it just didn't happen.


I prayed to God for something to happen, my feet moving by themselves

my brain still didn't function.

The words that came from my lips said I like you..

But his weren't a reflection but a rejection...


A rejection that hurt so bad my heart began to break

I don't date black girls, you just aren't my type.

What does skin have to do with the feelings I have for you?


If I was lighter would you have liked me?

If I was tall and stood out from the crowd, with hair like Rapunzels 

would you adore me...


For I cannot change who I am as I walk away with my heart crushed.



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