America the great

but is it really?

Nowadays it seems all I hear is hate

The new talk is about wanting to escape

run away to a different country

If we were so great we would not have to think about running

We boast about how great we are

about this freedom we have

we don't walk around with chains on our ankles 

our women can vote and own houses 

our children can learn despite their gender or their races

our technologies are advancing

as our society is declining 

Despite the accomplishments

there's still too much suffering 

We can see the freedom and success

and yet remain blind to the rest 

Like how we have to vacate our apartments for no reason

we all know the reason 

your skins a bit different or you asked too many questions 

Or the kids jumping off buildings

to escape the fact their different

but Let's face it

America is land

a state is just a state

so sure

America is great

I'll stifle my tears as society burns down the great

passed generations passing on the hate

social media fueling the ignorant hiding our fate

America sure is great.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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