Cruel Deity


The goddess of sleep and dreams

Has beguiled me of you!

She has robbed me of you completely.


She forbids me my slumber

And I'm deprived of your face.


For it is only in my dreams

When it is dark and you're not near,


That I find solace in your arms 

And your voice hinders my fear.


This figment of you soothes my mind,

But even this I'm lacking.


As I lay here now parted from

This sweet sleep that has you enchanted,


Lost in a land of bliss,

But not as seldom of a dwelling

For the unpleasant and the haunting.


I am forced to wait

Until she deems me able

To dismiss all things mundane.


So she may fill my lungs

With deep, steadfast breaths

And I slowly slip away. 

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