Crown of Tears

Before I knew thw world could be cold,
When I believed all adults were sincere and true.
My naivety now seems comical,
Silly child without a clue.

Accepting the crown,
with tears of joy falling like rain.
Unassuming of ulterior plans,
Blinded to the upcoming pain.

Happiness settled in,
Pride at what I had become.
Never imagining the utter heartbreak,
To which i would soon succumb.

I believed their words,
Congratulations seemed to be sincere.
Innocent child would soon be gone,
A newly awakened young woman appears.

The transformation so quick,
Even I could see the change inside.
Innocent of all misdeeds,
But still disqualified.

The crown that sat upon my head,
They cordially allowed me to retain.
But no longer did it sparkle or shine,
Just a reminder of a broken reign.

Grown people are seem to care about you,
Unfortunately thats not always what's real.
An unimaginable crime,
A young childs self- confidence to steal.

In the beginning, it was so unclear,
Trying to understand what id done wrong.
Humiliated to be seen,
Faking a smile, faking being strong.

Comfort finally came one day,
When I finally learned what really went down.
It seemed unreal that anyone could be so mean,
All for a cheap plastic crown,

The director's daughter's best friend's kid,
She had competed beside me.
When they heard my name was called,
They acted as happy as could be.

But inside, they couldn't take it,
The winner she thought was her.
So grown up people destroyed me,
To put the crown up a head they would much prefer.

It took some time to understand why,
And believe I wasn't to blame.
But now I know that just who they were,
It's a shame.

I am able to stand tall again,
As i walk across the stage today.
I was never not enough,
I am finally okay.

So when i look upon that crown,
I see the multitude of tears.
But they have been my motivation,
For all the last 3 years.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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