The Crown On My Head&

The Crown On My Head


Can I touch It?                                                            

Is It Real?

You should straighten It.

Why Does It look like that?

Why It smells like that?

It doesn't feel like hair.

Why It's so nappy?


My hair ain't no display.

No Its displayed to stand tall and magnificent

Not to be touched and disturbed

Not to have filthy hands ruining Its glory.

It's on display with the do not touch sign, do not stare, do

not feel I’m less beautiful because I don't got that straight blade hair

and those blue eyes and perfect white milk skin.


Oh, my crown is much more than what you think.

Oh, my locks, curls, ringlets, mane, mop, what length, what curly

tip to every puff. What tangle maze with no end.

That disco Afro puff, that spicey tange that you can't get enough.

What wondrous beast with many styles. No, I’m not talking about

that horse hair to get that perfect braid. No, I’m talking about that

natural, nappy, firebox, fur pie, curly beaver,  soul glow,

springs, that ravishing crown I’m blessed to call mine. I got all I need

with my Bantu knots, co-wash, flat twists, pineapple, twist out,

Wash’n go.    

Yeah, that shrinkage Is real.

But hey shout out to my BC fam!!!!!


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Your hair sounds cool. And this is a powerful beautiful poem in great word choice wow. Kudos.


pleez do comment under my newest poem too, comments are not common here but I like meeting poets via comments.

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