Thu, 04/24/2014 - 23:28 -- eleyva


I look to the sky as the night looms over me

I stare back at the computer trying to get inspired

I look at the paper next to me


Numbers that are money

Money that defines if I go to school next semester

Irony…my passion of writing is now something that will help me obtain a chance or not

A chance I need

I have strived everyday

But now

Now i am at a crossroads

I am keeping my head leveled for that is all I can do

My dream to finish college

Is the dream my parents have

Overwhelming it is

But as true as it gets

I had always fucked up in high school

Now my journey has changed

I have grown and look forward to school every morning

Learned to smile and look at everyday happily

My school, my dreams, they’re close together but one is impeding me.

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