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He sits and prays
Tryin' to make it through
Each day of pain
Christ is to the right
Satan to the left
Tryin' to push on
With one last breath
7 in his eyes
6 in his mind
Tried to go right
now he's lost in lies
One last breath
Feel it in his chest
Tryin' to keep on
Got too much stress
Satan says "Yes"
God says "No"
Confused in the brain
Numb in the bones
Went through the middle
Now he's lost
Tried to do both
Now the lives he's cost
Needs to do good
Compelled to do bad
Going through problems
That no one should have
Drowning in a bottle
Choking on a blunt
Should be with family
But he hasn't had enough
Hands on his soul
Sins on his flesh
Always wants more
They say more is less
He won his first battle
Lost his final war
He wears the scars of love
That his life once bore
Christ lightened his feet
Satan adds to his load
Starin' deep inside
As he comes to crossroads


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