The Crossroad

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 13:16 -- cramat

Sitting with idle hands

While a busy mind sits on my shoulders

It's polarizing its thoughts

None of which being what is

All being what was and can be

Now back to the crossroad

Should I step to stay or reach to go

That's a tough decision

With choices no one wants to make

Cause really

 No one wants to say goodbye

And no one wants to hold on

We want to be carried

We want to rest our legs on the back of the eagle

And let it take it's course until its wings are far too weak

I've sat on the eagle for too long

I have legs and I wish to use them

So I disembark from the great wings and stretch my legs

Now back to the crossroad

The divide, where dreams challenge reality

Where boys and girls lose hope for hopeless causes

Where girls and boys chase what's real in their inrealities

Where I stop the thinking and start the walking

I close my eyes, and when they open, I don't recognize where I am

My old smile is gone; in its place, there is a new smile

My mind is clear too

Except for the echoes of "new beginnings"

Which bring me relief as I look over my shoulder to see my past behind me


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