Cross Country: A Free Spirit

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 23:11 -- jakemor

The fall air filling my body with adrenaline, I stand at the starting line

The intense look in my eyes, focus flowing through my body

That medal I so wanted to be mine

The gun fired, I was off, zooming by everyone looking to get the glory

I set my pace as my spirit of the race pushed and urged me forward

Runners beside me rushed behind me as I tried to make my own story

The halfway point, this is the place that I make my dream reality

I lift my heart and fuel my fury

My body, my trustworthy cavalry

I reach that ending rush of emotion, getting a glimpse of the finish line

My body kicking into an entirely different gear of abnormality

The rush of emotions, the wind hitting me, I began sprinting

Faster than I ever had in my entirety

I pass 5, 6, 7 people as I stop and look up panting

I see the medal and take it, I now I placed my name in immortality

I smile sitting down thinking of my victory

And I looked over, seeing that I had made my team proud.

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