Tue, 01/27/2015 - 09:18 -- Aisha B

You were my legs,

What kept me moving forward.

You were my eyes, 

What made me see the beauty in myself.

You were my fists,

Which protected me from uncertainty. 

You were my heart,

My soul embodied in someone else. 


One morning I woke up and you were gone,

And i sit there wondering to myself.

Why am I laying here half alive,

The rest of me is somewhere else.  

So i hobble on over to the mirror, 

Just to see what was left of me.

Without an eye, a leg, a heart and a fist,

I cry so helplessly. 


I am learning how to walk again without your support,

To see without your guide,

To find beauty in myself again, 

To bellow the uncertainty I hide . 


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