The Cripple Soul

Slowly fading, soaking into the dark dim wall

That once held the ingredients to aid mankind.

You realize: everything was for nothing.

No time. It’s all an illusion.

Dripping, slipping all those precious memories from your head.

With your bloody worthless hands trying to keep them in.

Trusting the liars with big pockets

You continue to move in a haze,

 But end up nowhere.

The world is meant for those who lead the blind.

After a life time,

Death appears.

He comes with a grin

Whispering sweet nothings in your ear

Getting you to chew over his wishes.

When the pros outweigh the cons,

He has finally won.

With a plan in mind and a head held high

You put down the gun,

Burn the noose that surrounds your soul,

And flush the pills in cased in a sea of gold.

Come away a phoenix, born from the ashes.

With a goal in mind that is all your own:

 Wait till the end.


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