A Criminal's Tale


There was a criminal along the pilgrimage,

nicknamed the "Escapee", who had taken advantage

of his impulses once, the crime of which he was accused.

His plea of defense against manslaughter refused.

His sentence seemed a small price to pay for what his wife's

fate would’ve been had he not willed his fists. His life's

devotion is to his love, to her world, to treat her well.

Thoughts of her, of home, consumed his being in the cell

walls day after day. Images of his short brown hair

matching his handsome face with deep-set eyes, against her fair

skin in a prolonged embrace caused his determination

to return to her. He wondered of her condition

in health, and of who he would find, a changed woman? Nay,

she would be the same tender heart as ever. And "Stray

thee no more," she would sing, "my dear love, come back to me."

To honor his promise, jail suit and all, a love that is free. 


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