A Crime Was Committed

Some children have monsters under their bed.

Some have skeletons in their closet.

One child in particular fears something far greater,

A child of her own age.


She remembers the day like it was yesterday.

Two best friends, the three of us were thicker than thieves.

A little boy, whose name she’ll never tell nor never forget.

Stood on a table and yelled these fateful words;

“Stay away from them otherwise you get the TOUCH!”


It was that moment where the true monster was revealed.

It came out of nowhere and snatched her innocence away.

Forced her into this rabbit hole that kept her falling for centuries.

Kids watched her fall apart and pointed her and laughed.

They laughed for hours and hours and hours.


Until years later where the children realized they all committed a crime,

A crime where the monster instigated.

A crime which a little girl broke into millions of pieces,

To the point where the little girl was unrecognizable.

That crime, was me.



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