Crime Scene

This is a crime scene

There is yellow caution tape all around

The victims are screaming but are we in tune to their sounds

Aiyana Stanley-Jones is the name of a little black girl who was shot

Shot in the head as she slept. He killed her dreams. Her thoughts.

Her murderer is not that hard to find. Being a part of the police department does not give me any piece of mind

What about Denzel Curnell? Does that name ring a bell?

Well his bullet has been silenced and so has this violence

He was also shot in the head and the police claims that this young man’s own hand is the reason that he is dead

But they aren’t the only ones whose minds have been blown

And their families are crying out, are we alone?

Mad props to J. Cole who dedicated a video

To Aiyana but that’s not enough you know

I was thinking, a privilege this innocent girl no longer has

I am tired of these injustices contradicting freedom at last

And it’s hard not to dwell in the inequality of the past

But when racism turns into murder and getting off the hook just as fast

As the snap of a finger as if internal investigations will hush my questions

This country is going one way and I’d like to move in the other direction

If a young black citizen is in a car crash and has nowhere to turn

Are Jonathan Ferrell and Renisha McBride’s murders the lessons they are forced to learn

If you ever need help, the amount of melanin in your skin

Is enough to create fear rise from within the bellies of white men

Upheld in the court is his ability to grab his gun

And murder my people. Slavery is gone, but have we won?

Trayvon Martin was a young man who caused us to take a stand

But we can still be murdered on this land, I do not understand

How the system works for a partying white kid who was choked

They pointed at the officer and his privileges were revoked

Now this happened rather recently in Tennessee

But what happened when a Black man says “I can’t breathe I can’t breathe I can’t breathe”

You see, this is the death of citizens, of safety, and humanity

Instead of us uniting, remaining Ignorant is insane

Put the pieces together and you’ll get a puzzle of pain

But realization of our problems is the first step to a solution

No more Kendrick Johnson cover-up confusions

Just because we have the right to bear arms

Doesn’t give us the right to take a life when alarmed

Perpetuating stereotypes that Black people are dangerous and have the ability to kill

Formulates into the fear that for white people becomes real

So they keep a gun, just in case there’s an attack

Therefore causing fear in the people who are black

So I’m calling for the opposite of fear. Which is love

Leave behind your violence acts and please rise above

Let’s change our minds, and legislation and I know it will be tough

But this is a crime scene and enough is enough.

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