The Crew


Of eight sisters, I am the second.

Though dissimilar in stature and mannerisms,

We are closely connected.


Mama is the leader of the household.

Lilliputian in size, but lively and loud,

Her support for her daughters is never-ending.


In this home, responsibilities are shared.

We operate like four sets of twins;

Specific tasks are given to each sister-pair.


Each pair's personality is unique

Diverging from the rest, but nonetheless

Our duties are executed flawlessly.


Sisters One and Two must model to the others,

Impart wisdom gained by experience.

Sisters Three and Four energetically motivate.

The Fifth and Sixth love to learn, 

And follow in the footsteps of their older sisters.

Smallest of them all are sisters Seven and Eight.

With cheerful demeanor, the little ones

Listen closely to Mama for direction.


Free-spirited but intricately woven together,

Like a flock of wild geese, both unfettered and disciplined

We are individually vulnerable yet collectively powerful.


This is my family.


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