The Creature

Water fills my lungs like tree roots
Roots that have chained my soul for eternity
From the point of my first heartbreaking wail
I struggle to make a silent scream
As the water constricts my lungs with fear and pain
All I see is the unforgiving night
In the water taunting me with doubt and regret
The merciful sunlight never shines down
In the barren waste land of broken and forgotten dreams
The creature drags me down and with its forceful hugs
I can never escape

Land is a tantalizing day dream
To those who were born into shattered smiles
They dream of the loved filled pink sand
Seeping between their toes
They fantasize about flower scented air
Of Roses, Lilies, and Violets
The heat of a caring sun upon
Their chained scarred faces
The hope and belief of being able to break free
From the rusted restraints of despair

I glare into the dark blue eyes
Of the beast who holds me captive here
And try to find the dream filled rayed light
And the blanket of hope in my soul
Only then can I rip the bonds
That keep me here from breathing that flower scent
And the feeling of love in my heart

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