Creator is to artist

as scientist is to technician.

I ain't no fucking electrician.

I am electricity. 

I have velocity.

Enough for an attrocity.

No animosity.

But I got to be

don't lie to me.

Turn off the music

let my mind see.

Everything Clearly.

Everything Dearly.

Dear to me

is the redwood tree.

Head in the sky but roots

knee deep.

Eveything slowly.

Make haste slowly,

like a meddici

I think freely.

They kneel beneath me.

Never before me.

Invite you to warn me.

Scan me.

Scorn me.

Try to bag me


adore me.

Clap for me.

Dance for me.

Laugh with me.

Distance me.

Forget me. 

Diss me.


Miss me.

Reminisce me.

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