Creating Worlds

Mountains rise by my command

Proudest peaks from barren land

Mighty, yes, but not forever

Reduced to rubble by my hand


Water flooding, lapis blue

Buries mountains land once knew

Creatures lurk deep in this sea;

Scaly things of vibrant hue


By water’s edge twist tangled vines

Densest jungle grows entwined

Deep amongst reclusive beasts

Lay shrouded temples, lost to time;


Monuments to centuries past

Shrines to gods whose mold I cast

I craft their tales, make empires rise

Then vanish them, too weak to last


Vast worlds appear from empty space,

Giving void a concrete face

I weave the stars, spin time anew

Then twist it, change it and retrace


To this realm, I hold the key

Created and destroyed by me

I am gatekeeper, architect

And when I write, these realms are freed 

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