Creating a new dimension


To immerse oneself in another world,

through drawing,

a new dimension opens up.

The scritch of a pencil on a smooth paper,

the levels of sensitivity on a tablet,

to color in s ashape,

to sculpt lines of different forms, is a different illusion.

Cartoons is all I crave,

the thick lines, the bright colors,

the swift and sometimes unrealistic movements,

it was all I wanted to be.

But one realizes that they are real, not a drawing.

A person can't live a fantasy life with talking dogs and friendly aliens.

But one can get close to that,

by creating that world through animation.

My drawings coming to life,

magic becoming real, dreams baring truth.

Animation fills a void in me like bubble gum fills cracks on a sidewalk.

Characters and expressions waving about in a stylisitc manner,

it is unique in it's own way, in it's own world.

To see what I have drawn, come to life and dance, live, breathe,

creates a happiness so unreal, I sometimes tremble when I look at my own life.

It is as though I am watching a child grow up,

you have no idea what they will become.



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