Creating my Own Beginning

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 19:09 -- KCHobbs

My shoes are discarded
The sand creeps between my toes
My feelings guarded

But as I see the waves roll
They call to me
Tempting me with a cure for my broken soul

So I run to the ocean
But stop at the first sight of water
My fear of the unknown stops me like a poison

I reach down feeling the chill
The water freezing all my restrictions
Leaving such a thrill

I look to the flawless sky
Hearing the screeches of the birds and giggles of children
I can’t let this magnificent life pass me by

I want to roam
Climb the mountaintops
Making the wilderness my home

I want to feel the misty air against my skin
The freedom the breeze brings
Until I find myself again

I want it all so here I am
Ready for the vibrant ocean
Where I teach myself to swim


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