Creating and Sharing Magic

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 13:17 -- Blandy

Scribble. Scribble. Line. 

Loop the "L", rewrite. Make it neater. 

More Scribble. Pause.

Reread. Does it work?

Does the emotion work?

Does it clearly represent the charachter?

And how he feels right now?

He's in pain, facing the same thing thousands of people his age do.

He's not a hero.

He's not a god.

He's not perfect.

He's perfectly human.

Smile. Like it. Scribble.

Put him here. Make him realize this. 

The words begin to fade. The picture begins to move.

Hope that people get it. 

Pray they understand what you were trying to say.

Make them realize what's going on.

Everything is drawn from what you experienced

From the questions everyone asks 

And no one has ansawers for. 


Make the sound of small tap shoes. 

Going fast. 

Slowing down.

Create the world. 

Edit the world.

Love your creations. 

Tell them it's okay. 

Share them.

Hope people will see what you've been seeing this whole time.

Create the Magic.

Share it.


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