Created a Monster

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 11:24 -- Elladan


United States
37° 52' 35.4396" N, 78° 16' 13.422" W

get out,
shut the door.
no words slip
from an enraged pair of lips.
close the windows
shut the shades,
eradicate the light
and destroy what was you.
rip yourself apart,
inside to out.
desecrate yourself
head to trembling toe.
build a tower of perilous hate,
building blocks of rage.
then, demolish it.
a bulldozer of fear
brick by roaring brick.
unsteady hands.
the pieces must rain down on others -
make them feel your pain,
as you force them to understand
the person that you are,
that you have become.
obliterate the world
with boiling anger,
pieces of the past
assembled to form the wrecking ball
of your discontent and displeasure.
always there,
released or contained,
you build towers of hate.


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