Step on the plane where he lost his heart

keeps his composure so he doesn't go and fall apart

the eyes are the window to the soul

so he wore his new hat down low so they never show

to his he sees his tears as a weakness

soft spoken genius, always hiding his secrets

staring out the window, he sees what he's leaving

ten feet off the ground, still wishing he was dreaming

not a city or a town, but a home he believed in.

He's singing out loud with a voice they can't hear him

he's trying to drown out all the noise from the speakers

the engines, the sound of the wings breaking the wind

they're staring at him now, but he'll never let them in

the voices in his head started handing him his pen

but they wouldn't let him write so he can have control again.

He's losing his mind

breaking through the clouds

he's trapped in his seat and there's no way out

the people all around saying "sir, calm down"

he tried to speak back, but no words came out

the other side of him escaped, do you believe him now?

The lights went dark, the world went silent

even the boy who went and lost his mind went quiet

the cabin was shaking

the captain didn't speak

of course it happened to be his last flight that week

the people were screaming

his breath was his last

he heard people pray before their whole world 



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