33° 22' 36.9732" N, 74° 18' 55.7568" E
Most people are like broken mirrors:
with cracks, fissures and cheap silvering.
Soulless and  dreamless,
they reflect day-mares,
reflecting reflections
of reflections.
Just shadows,
of their own former shadows;
echoes of echoes,
with no beginning and no end,
no centre and no purpose.
Just a senseless and vulgar
congregation of reflections.
Halfway here, halfway there,
miles away from anywhere.
Lying to themselves,
as mirrors do,
truly and sincerely.
Full of others,
devoid of self.
Seems like a good way to exist,
but wasn’t man born to live?
Well I choose to live,
“anyways “.
To be more than a label, or a mirror.
To never lie to myself.
To be, to truly be,
my own me.
So I do,
what they all do,
consistently and completely .
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