cracking the code

Mon, 02/08/2016 - 10:39 -- Bravo

am I strong or am I weak
knowing that I haven't yet reached my peak
I ask and seek
for the answer
out of concern wondering if I'll ever obtain what I yearn
well the answer is simple you only get what you earn
who am I to discern
what lies ahead in my future
if i can't utilize the matter enclosed by the sutures that stitches my cranium
a mind is a terrible thing to waste
I wish I was told in my ignorance consequences are a terrible thing to face
can my lack of opportunity be blamed on race
does my success solely depend on faith
what about the work not implemented causing self defeat
watching idly while wasting resources I myself deplete
whoa is me how can I continue to go on hopelessly
when hope is abundant I'm eating full course meals while others are holding their stomach
I'm jumping and got the nerve to wonder why is life so hard can it be more easy
I got some nerve you wouldn't believe me
there's a lesson in the progression I witnessed
despite the current stagnation we can surpass our limits


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