Cracked but Not Broken

Tue, 09/13/2016 - 18:58 -- rjn200

People around me are always happy

Smiling, joyfull, always laughing

No its not a peice of  pizza or a furry pet that makes me smile

It is stealing a pill bottle from my friend Kyle

In the darkest hole is where I flowered

Alone by myself in an altered matter

My brain would spin and I would fall

I didn't know myself at all

This wasn't me it couldn't be

Alone all my friends had left me

It was about one year ago today

When it took an ambulance to chagne my ways

I felt death before I should of

But my path is clear and my head is straight

And what makes me happy is my loving faith

I look everywhere and can't help but smile

Because this world is mine and I will be here for awhile


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