The Crack in the Mirror

I catch myself
Glancing in the mirror
Looking at the image before me
With how crooked my teeth are
With the way my stomach hangs over my pants
With the acne on my face
And unappreciative of
The body I was blessed with
For I should be thankful
For my eyes that allow me to see the beauty of this world
For my ears that let me listen to music that comforts me at my darkest moments
For my lips that speak words that can make a change
For my legs and feet that move me across the earth
But most importantly my optimistic mind
For making me realize the beauty of my body
Those teeth form a smile that could make someone's day
That stomach means I have been happily fed
That acne means I am growing up
These flaws don't determine
How beautiful I am on the inside.



nice poem but im pretty new so my words might be naively given


I think more people need to read this poem and read poems like this all the time!

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