A Crack in the Façade

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 21:29 -- dco16


I guess, no, I don’t guess. I have too many scars to count. When did these start to amount, I don’t know.

Maybe I need a tow. I have been totaled.

A shatter of a million pieces, a person who broke too long ago. Where is the love I was promised? The family I was purposed? The life I wanted?


 I guess it just got haunted. I ain’t that person who just sits around waiting for the flower to bloom. I am the one who makes the flower… KA-BOOM! No flower!

No more power!

It’s all ashes that the people…it just passes. The wind taken away; please be a brand new day. New day no longer. They all blend and mix. A splatter of color here, oh dear!

Not another one

 A waiting flower

Didn’t you learn the first time?

Nothing comes from a shattered petal no flower, no ash, just broken jagged pieces that cut and slice anyone who tries to touch them.

A thorn on a rose, maybe, in your side, most definitely.

I am not going to sit around and wait

Patient? Not my forte

Leave me to wallow in my hate,

Not hate, sorrow

Blue for something I can borrow?

Don’t ask

Maybe I’ll put on the mask


The crack you first saw not a mention unless you want a broken jaw.

I am not one who trusts so easily, I have claws you have to get past first

Home base is when I start to trust but three strikes you’re out

Oh do not pout

I am not going to take the puppy dog eyes or the puckered lips

Please just get your ever broccoli, Brussels sprout, cheese loving arse out my door

Out of my heart and trust actually

The tear that you made, it’s just getting worse

Maybe I shall get you a hearse

You’ll need it for the coffin I’ll put in sooner or later if you keep up the….


I have no clue as to what I can call it

Even with my colorful vocabulary it has no place to sit

Maybe just a black hole, in an abyss in the ever loving far reaching galaxy that doesn’t exist

Maybe that’s where I’ll put you

A place where my heart in unreachable unbreakable

A place where there are no more slashes from the whip to cut and mar

Now that you’ve seen under the mask

It goes back on

The loving cheerful girl who lives up to the expectations, or just shut it

The crack wasn’t there when I first met him, but he slowly peels back the tear that started

The crack that surfaced, it’s getting bigger Maybe the mask won’t be necessary

I think it might be time to take it off

How ‘bout not?

Leave the crack, for now it is to stay and maybe forever

Maybe it will start to crumble as the sea washes the cliff away little by little when waves crash again and again against the walls, my façade will no longer just crack

It will shatter into a million pieces

I just hope it doesn’t hurt in the process.



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