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Looking outside the window,
As a child...,
Watching the world go by,
I asked myself where do I fit in,
Why do I look this way,
Why do I feel this way,
Is this wrong of me?!,
Why doesn't my mother pay attention to me,
Where is my daddy?,
Who are all these strange men,
Making me feel like as if the world has secluded me,
My grandparents will never understand me,
Is there anyone that can hear me,
Everyone in my past has just used me,
So I had to shield myself,
Shield myself from reality,
But a force such as this caused me to have unknown feelings,
To not know how to feel,
Being lost in a world between the body and the mind,
Can someone please help me,
I don't understand myself,
Help me find my missing piece,
My heart crying...pleading,
I'm standing over my grave,
Fore I feel as if my hearts dead...,
Can u dig me back up,
And give me CPR...



I would love lots of feedback negative or positive. I'm very open to always finding a way to improve my poetry and hear people's true thoughts about any subject. =) Hope you enjoy.
If you want to contact me, then email me at:guyparis@yahoo.com

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